We design, create and develop digital and tech projects, web and mobile applications, landing pages and websites, improve projects and their usability. We develop tools that make our life convenient and comfortable. Our mission is to make life more usable.

Creation of web applications, sites, scripts, plugins, etc. Educational programs in PHP, HTML, CSS etc. Creation apps for smartphones on iOS and Android.

We have a strong experience in Web-Design, HTML, CSS, JS, WordPress, Usability, usability-testing and PHP. We have been working in these areas for the past few years.

Feel free to contact our team if you face any kind of problem regarding technical stuff. You can get in touch with me on facebook. For any questions you can email support@phpforbeginners.info. Any copying of materials from this site is strictly prohibited unless otherwise indicated.

Thank you for your interest. Any questions you can ask us by writing an email to support@phpforbeginners.info. We will be in touch!

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